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Absolutely LOVE this book

Storm Dancer (Dark Epic Fantasy) - Rayne Hall

If you are a wife, a mother, and life seems boring--- TAKE a look at this book you will find fun and excitement, I had quit biting my nails years ago--- I found myself with short nails on one hand and realized I BIT THEM OFF due to the suspense of the book. The writing is absolutely amazing (a different type of spelling) and some of the words were difficult to pronounce (names mainly) A story of a woman a VIRTUOUS woman with a goal to change every one to see her view points- gets caught in a tangled mess and then again another mess. Along side another story going on at the same time- a person rising to power and then comes in both of thier past secrets both guessing the others and both guessing wrong. In the end one of the most beautiful love stories I have ever read with all the excitement of wars, fighting, descriptive and possibly a little harsh- adult content for sure but I will say the story seemed to resemble lives of people that were in the Bible and how amazing it was to me how this story was intertwined with so many biblical references... 


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